Zone 7 Concours Series has been cancelled

UPDATE 9/14/2020: We just heard from Loma Prieta Region that their concours schedule for October 11th has been cancelled. This means that due to Covid, all concours in Zone 7 have been unfortunately cancelled. Looking forward to more events in 2021. Collin

UPDATE 9/8/2020: The GGR Concours has been cancelled.

UPDATE 9/7/2020: Collin Fat has just announced that the 2020 Zone 7 Concours Series has been cancelled.

The event by Monterey Bay Region (October 4th) has been cancelled due to the unavailability of the site (COVID-19 issues).

The events by Loma Prieta Region and Golden Gate Region (now cancelled) are still scheduled but will be regional events only

Rik Larson