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Concours Rules for 2018

All Zone 7 Concours Series events are conducted under the same set of rules.  Those entries that participate in over half of the events in the series, and who assist with the running of individual events (defined in the rules), are eligible for Series Awards.

There are a numbrer of changes and clarifications included in the final 2018 Zone Series Rules, so even veterans of the Zone 7 Concours Series should read the entire set of series rules.  A copy will be on hand for reference at every event.

Zone 7 Concours Rules – 2018 Edition

The 2018 rules incorporate the following changes:

  • Category names and judging areas changed to match those used at Parade
    • “Wash & Shine” becomes “Street” – only includes interior and exterior (drops storage)
    • “Street” becomes “Touring” – same judging areas (interior, exterior, storage, engine*)
    • “Full” doesn’t change – same judging areas (interior, exterior, storage, engine*, chassis)
  • Separate classes created for newer Porsche models whose engine isn’t readily accessible. In these classes, the engine isn’t judged in either the Touring or Full divisions
  • Adopted the scoring points system used at Parade and scoring sheets revised based on Parade design (significantly simplified)
  • Eliminated the “Competition and Special Interest” category – becomes a model group (see matrix of classes)
  • Eliminated the Restoration and Preservation categories
  • Added an “Unrestored” division, in which originality isn’t judged – cars must be 21 years or older and 75% original paint and interior (honor system)
  • Eliminated the “Spirit of the Concours” and the “Carol Kliendeinst” awards – replaced with overall awards by category

Master scoresheets (updated for 2018):

Area sheets for 2018: