About Zone 7

Zone 7 consists of ten regions across Northern California and Northern Nevada. Zone 7 is a geographically diverse zone spanning from the beautiful northern California coast and coast ranges; across the bountiful Sacramento and part of the San Joaquin valleys; over the towering Sierra Nevada mountain range; and to the vast stretches of North Great Basin.

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Zone 7 Objectives

  • The purpose of the Zone is to provide Region representation to PCA-National, to convey regional interests and guide National in the Club’s priorities from the local levels
  • The Zone helps region members understand the National organization so that their local programs and activities are consistent with National procedures and policies.

Zone 7 Representative

  • Brian Adkins
    • Served on the Diablo Region Board as Member at Large
    • Served as Vice President
    • Past Social Media Chair and
    • Most recently President (2019 – 2022)

I was born into the Porsche and PCA world, coming home from the hospital in a suitcase on the back seat of a ‘58 356 was just the start of this journey. My father joined PCA in November of 1956. Dad started and grew many PCA Regions. A prize possession of mine is the concours trophy Dad won when I was 6 months old. He discovered diapers are great detailer tools. So I got the trophy.

My first Porsche was a 75 911 2.7 wide body. It was a bit of a “Frankenstein” with no OEM VIN number. I learnt a lot to say the least. A Cayman became the fun car and track car where instructor credentials were earned. Toss in some other cool cars along the way, all a unique experience, The current stable is now 2 ½ Porsches; a 996 that started as a bit of a project is my current daily driver. My wife is a true supporter of my passion just happens to have found a Macan in the driveway with her name on it. (She says I can borrow it). The ½ is a 1998 Porsche Bike FS.

  • Former Zone 7 representatives
    • Collin Fat
    • Sandy Provasi
    • Paul Czopek
    • Sharon Neidel
    • Larry Sharp
    • Tim Fleming

Sponsored Zone 7 events

Serves as host to many PCA and Porsche events held within the Zone

  • Rennsports Reunion IV, V, VI, VII – Porsche Rennsport Reunion is the preeminent gathering of Porsche race cars and drivers, collector vehicles, historic Porsche models.
  • Werks Reunion Monterey – Werks Reunion was created by the Porsche Club of America as an event to celebrate both the Porsche marque as well as the camaraderie of being an enthusiast.
  • Porsche Parade – Parade is the “big” Porsche Club event of the year: our annual national convention.
    • Monterey 2014
    • Sacramento 2000
    • Monterey 1990
    • Reno 1982
    • Monterey 1972
  • Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion – The annual Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion is a celebration of motorsport history that brings approximately 550 race cars together in one open paddock for everyone to enjoy.
  • Treffen North America – Treffen North America is Porsche Club of America’s newest national event, featuring three days of non-competitive touring, creative dining events and the opportunity to explore exciting destinations while staying at some of the finest resorts in North America.
    • Lake Tahoe 2016