Autocross Rules

The approved 2023 Autocross Rules are now available: 2023 Zone 7 Autocross Rules.

PCA Zone 7 Autocross Classification Worksheet (2023):

To help participants to classify their vehicle, a simple spreadsheet incorporates the autocross rules through a series of questions. To use this, follow the steps below.

1. Click 2023 PCA Zone 7 Autocross Classification Worksheet

2. The file is “View Only” and must be copied by the user to allow completion

  • Using Google: go to File > Make a copy
  • Using Microsoft: go to File > Download > Microsoft Excel

    This will copy the file to your personal Google account or local hard drive for editing.

3. Open the file (Enable Editing may need to be selected) and complete all of the spreadsheet’s cells that are defaulted to “Make Selection” by selecting the applicable information from the drag-down lists.

4.  When the Car Model and all 73 of the prompts are completed “CLASSIFICATION COMPLETE” will be displayed in cell C6 and the vehicle’s classification will be displayed in cell E6.

The rules for competing and classifying a Porsche vehicle are based on individual features and equipment.  The vehicle owner/driver is responsible to verify that their vehicle meets the rule’s requirements.  Ensuring that the vehicle’s factory equipment has become more difficult since the mid-2000s when Porsche eliminated vehicles’ Option Code stickers, which listed the equipment delivered from the factory.  Contemporary vehicle features are often not specifically listed within option packages, even on the window stickers.  Obtaining a comprehensive build sheet, such as this: Suncoast Build Sheet is highly recommended. These build sheets are more thorough than online vin decoders that often simply replicate window stickers.

2023 Zone 7 Autocross Rules Committee:

This committee consists of: Zone 7 National Representative (Brian Adkins), Zone 7 Autocross Chair (Brant Ballantyne), Past Zone 7 Autocross Chair (Grady Carter), a representative from each Zone 7 Region that has an autocross program (Dave Dunwoodie, LPR; Himanshu Patel, GGR; Drew Powers, RED; Collin Fat, SVR; Larry Kirlin, SEQ), and, if required to have an odd-number of committee members, an At-Large Member (Tara Shapowal-Lau) selected by the Zone Autocross Chair.  

The Z7ARC will oversee the process to modify, adapt, and improve the rules; as well as to serve as the deciding body of any protests which may arise.

There will be an annual rules proposal period, from April 1 through September 30, during which time suggestions for rule changes should be sent to any Z7ARC member.  Suggestions for improving the rules are highly encouraged and the rules are intended to undergo a process of continuous improvement. 

Suggestions received during this time period will be tabulated for review and debate amongst the committee.  After the close of the comment period, the Z7ARC will create a draft rule change proposal based on the submissions and comments received and any additional input the members of the committee may have.  All submissions from the membership will be reviewed and discussed but not necessarily accepted by the rules committee. Additionally, the rules committee is empowered to propose changes of their own.  A complete draft rule-set proposal, incorporating Z7ARC’s agreed-upon revisions, will be placed on the website for a further 30-day (month of December) comment period.

Using this proposal and any further comments, the committee will generate the official rules proposal.  The proposal will be distributed to the region presidents and posted on the Zone 7 website.  Presidents will vote to approve or reject the proposals at the Fall Presidents’ meeting, normally held in late February.

Rule changes will go into effect at the conclusion of the Presidents’ meeting, unless otherwise stated.

The goal of having a formal, recognized committee and process will help all input be heard and evaluated in a fair manner.  With members’ input we hope to improve the autocross competition experience for the zone.

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