Zone 7 Autocross School a Huge Success!

50 lucky PCA members in Zone 7 were able to secure spots at this year’s Zone 7 autocross school hosted by the Golden Gate Region. Chairs, John Siedell and Howard Yao did an exemplary job of organizing the event which included the design of the exercises done on Saturday as well as the course design related to the Sunday portion of the school. More than 20 instructors volunteered their time to volunteer to help instruct and included a list of some of Zone 7’s best drivers.

Pictured Above is Blue Group and Below Red Group Students


On Saturday, students were paired with their instructors and proceeded to run the skid pad, and braking exercises in the morning with each run group split in half with some students observing by working the course and others driving the exercise. The skid pad was intended to introduce the students to the concepts of understeer, oversteer, and throttle steering. In the braking exercise, students were encouraged to test the limits of the brakes, induce ABS, and understand the power of the braking that is designed into their Porsche. It took some time for each student to understand what it takes to induce ABS but by the end of the exercise, I think all of the students understood the concept and the amazing braking power engineered into their cars. In the afternoon, the students learned how to navigate slalom as well as well as a double box and single style Chicago box.


On Sunday the students were introduced to a full on autocross course which incorporated all of the elements introduced in Saturdays course that included a slalom, braking zones, Chicago box, and a portion of the double box practiced the day before. It was a delight to see the progress made by each student. I was fortunate to be assigned to a two students, one driving a 1995 993 4s and another driving a 2014 Panamera Turbo. Both of my students did amazingly well with the Panamera driver doing a 74 second first run and a 44 second best run to the amazement of everyone in attendance. Most students ran at least 10 runs on course. The day ended with a small graduation ceremony where each student was presented with their timing card that had all of their times for Sunday. Each student also went home with Hank Watt’s, The Secret of Solo Racing, and a t-shirt. Many thanks to our sponsor, Porsche of Monterey for making this happen.


Photos taken on Saturday morning have been posted on Google Photos. If you are interested in any of the photos (or others that were taken), please contact the photographer, Richard Chew, at