In the Zone – October 2021

Despite the Pandemic, Zone 7 Membership Sees Steady Growth:

Membership throughout all regions in Zone 7 have shown steady growth in 2021 of 2.8% or 178 additional primary members since January of 2021 when compared to year to date membership at the end of 2020. For fiscal 2020 Zone 7 had 6323 primary members and through August of 2021 primary membership in Zone 7 is at 6501 for an increase of 178 members. As you can see from the chart below all regions have shown significant increase in year to date membership compared to the end of fiscal 2020. I think this bodes well for the health of our club as the largest single marque car club in the world. The data was supplied by National Membership Director, Jim Hemig.

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By: Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative
Sacramento Valley Region
Photos by Collin Fat