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In the Zone – November 2021

Getting Involved with your Club:

Membership throughout all regions in Zone 7 have shown steady growth in 2021 of 2.8% or 178 additional primary members There is a saying among long time PCA members that only about 20% of their region membership participate in club activities and even less volunteer to chair an event or consider serving on the board. This is quite unfortunate as it puts the burden of running the club on just a few dedicated members to run and plan the operations of the club year in and year out. I am reaching out to active members who have participated in club activities and found them a lot of fun and have experienced the sharing of a common passion for the Porsche brand. If you have the time and enjoy the types of activities and events the club organizes, then step up and help-out. Imagine what your club would be like without a board or volunteers to organize tours, tech sessions, a concours, or driver education event. Kind of boring and not the reason you joined the club in the first place. I assume you joined because of all the good things you have heard about regarding membership. If you would like these types of events and activities to continue, consider volunteering. With many clubs scheduling their annual planning meetings in the coming months, it is a perfect time to contact your club president or activities director about volunteering. Think about organizing a dinner at your favorite restaurant or organizing a tour on your favorite back country road.

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By: Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative
Sacramento Valley Region
Photos by Collin Fat