In the Zone – May 2021

PCA National Event Updates:

With the Covid vaccine being available for all persons 16 years of age and older and a plentiful supply of two vaccines, case rates in the State of California have held steady in Zone 7 at approximately 5-12 cases per 100K with the positivity rate falling to 1.3% in the state. Four counties in Zone 7 have gone to the orange tier including Mono, Fresno, and Kings while most other counties in Zone 7 remain in the more restrictive red tier.

At the monthly Zone Rep meeting held with the PCA executive council, it was informative to hear that many Zones and states are opening while just a few like Michigan are experiencing a significant uptick in cases. PCA National president, Tom Gorsuch reminded us all to continue to be vigilant and to continue to social distance, where a face mask, get your vaccine and wash your hands. Parade in French Lick is sold out and phase two of registration went smoothly, apart from a website glitch that caused some delay early in the registration process. Treffen Scottsdale is scheduled for May 6-9th and is on schedule with over 140 cars registered. Werks Reunion Monterey will likely open registration in June and chair Tom Provasi is very encouraged with the Monterey County and in dealing with the Covid pandemic. No restrictions other than social distancing, face masks, and handwashing are being anticipated. This is a big change since Tom reported to the Zone Reps last month when everything was dependent on the conditions in Monterey. They have improved significantly and the fact that Governor Newsom wants to open all the state up by June 15th is a huge indication of the positive direction the entire state is going in relation to containing the Covid virus.

PCA is updating its website for a new and improved image and functionality. It was down on April 21st and 22nd for updates and by the time you read this article should be up and running. The main emphasis of the update is to hide most of the administrative functions used by national staff and make it more forward facing for anyone who has an interest in learning more about the Porsche Club of America.

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Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative
Sacramento Valley Region