In the Zone – March 2021

PCA National Leadership Updates National Strategic Plan for 2021:

Your PCA National leadership team has worked hard during the pandemic and continues to do the work behind the scenes that keeps are club active and growing. Each year PCA National reviews where it has been, what worked, what has not and where we would like to go as the world’s largest single marque car club. The strategic plan covers many areas of focus including membership marketing, improved resources for our members, an updated website, and continues to bring large scale national events like Parade, Werks Reunion, Tech Tactics, Club Racing, Sim Racing and Treffen.

In the area of membership marketing, PCA membership has recovered from this past spring’s decline and finished 2020 on a positive note. New resources that national has introduced to its members include 1) PCA YouTube, 2) Tech Tactics Live, 3) Appointing a new national PCA Tech Coordinator, 4) adding tech articles to Panorama and 5) Project 964. These initiatives continue the pattern of bringing tech information and resources to our members.

PCA will also be releasing its new and improved website in the spring with a new emphasis on providing an enthusiast extranet focused home page highlighting the Porsche Lifestyle, news and entertainment while offering its members an administrative focused intranet for club functions. The purpose of the extranet focus of the website design is to encourage more visits to our website and potentially more enthusiasts to join the club.

Also part of the updated strategic plan is a renewed emphasis on Region Engagement and Coaching Initiatives that will include focusing on providing assistance to our 146 regions in areas including 1) finance, 2) risk management, 3) updating of bylaws, 4) club elections 5) records retention, and 6) region operations related to supporting website development, social media, newsletter and membership development.

At the recent PCA National Staff meeting held on Zoom, I was very encouraged with the direction our national leadership team is planning for a successful 2021. With 2020 national events being cancelled due to the pandemic, the EC (executive council) is none the less planning its large events with a positive outlook and the hope that with everyone getting the vaccine the nation will finally be getting a handle on the pandemic. With that said, Treffen Scottsdale is looking like it will move forward as well as the Parade at French Lick. The PCA Club racing schedule and West Coast Racing series are open with many more events scheduled in 2021. Good news for all our club racers! National staff takes seriously the safety of our members in everything it plans and have instituted strict guidelines to prevent our members from contracting the disease. Werks Reunion in Monterey that is held in conjunction with Monterey Car Week and the Monterey Historic is being planned but is waiting for more guidance. Porscheplatz and the Porsche Car Corrals that are usually associated with this event as well as the IMSA event in September will be dependent on local conditions as well. 

Your National leadership team has been busy planning for events and are looking forward to a great 2021.

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Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative
Sacramento Valley Region