Social Media: A message from Brian Adkins, Zone 7 Rep

Hello Zone 7

Social Media …

The Zone and Region websites are great resources as are social media. I do enjoy using social media to keep in touch, share experiences / information and to learn or announce news.

So that you can connect with the “Official” websites and social media pages and groups I have put a list together. Part of the reason is to help you discover and ensure that you are on the correct site(s).

This with some very basic tips you can make sure you have the best / safest experience possible.

  • Click on and save your Region, Zone webpage to your favorites (Other regions as well if you want to stay in the know and connected) See the list below for verified links.
  • Join / follow your Region and Zone Facebook groups.
  • Please note that you do not have to have a facebook account to see these Pages and Groups (you won’t be able to add or comment but can view information) … Just use the links below or do a search for the region or zone using the word “facebook” in your search, you will find and be able view the page.
  • Many Regions have Instagram and other platforms as well, a simple search or often a link from their website will direct you to those.
  • PCA, Zone 7 or your Region will NOT ask you for personal information on social media, messenger or via email. Most event registration sites need you to log in first then complete registration. BE CAUTIOUS! If you are doubtful please reach out to a known person and ASK first before giving out any information.


  • On facebook once you join a Page / Group or even friend someone, you do NOT. and should NOT accept another friend request or join a new page that you already belong to … those are almost always cloned / FAKE accounts.
  • Please tread cautiously when purchasing goods from social media ads, even those that find their way onto “official” pages and groups. The products are often NOT approved or from approved vendors. You may end up with a poor-quality item or worse be a victim of information phishing.