Loma Prieta Region

PCA Zone geographically defined areas embrace several different Porsche Club Regions, but we in Zone 7 are fortunate that our regions are so close to each other in the densely populated San Francisco Bay Areas that interaction of our regional events often can take place jointly. An example of this is the monthly “Boxster Brunch” meetings at Alice’s Restaurant where members from Golden Gate Region, Loma Prieta Region, Diablo Region, Redwood Region, and even Monterey Bay Region may often be found enjoying the camaraderie together.

Although Loma Prieta Region may encompass the smallest area of all Zone 7 regions, its reputation and enthusiasm is well known, right from its inception on March 18th 1970 to when in only a few months its sheer enthusiasm gained it PCA’s national honor “Region of the Year”. It repeated this honor again later, along with numerous awards year after year for its excellent newsletter, “The Prieta Post”, including the prestigious “Paul Heinmiller Award” for the best newsletter of the entire P.C.A. Today this may be seen on-line at lprpca.org

As with other regions, Loma Prieta Region pursues all of PCA’s activities and events such as Autocrossing, Drivers’ Ed., Day and Overnight Tours, Rallies, Tech. Sessions, Charity Events, etc.

However, additionally included are swap meets, concours, fun gymkhanas, family picnics, annual participation in Easter parades, and functions that can involve family members, for they are tomorrow’s PCA’ers. And along with this there has always been emphasis on social activities, theme fun and having a good time, even to the region being sometimes known as “The GoodTime Region”.

Another advantage of being a relatively small region is our ability to hold our monthly dinner meetings in the form of Pot-lucks, BBQ’s, and parties at members’ houses, not always possible with larger regions. These monthly get-togethers are known as GTG’s, (Good Time Gatherings,) and the social informality lends itself to a reputation as one of the most friendly regions of P.C.A.