In the Zone – January 2023

Hello Zone 7,
I’m Brian Adkins. Your new zone representative.

  • A Diablo Region member since 2009
  • Served on the Diablo Region Board as Member at Large
  • Served as Vice President
  • Past Social Media Chair and
  • most recently President (2019 – 2022)

I was born into the Porsche and PCA world, coming home from the hospital in a suitcase on the back seat of a ‘58 356 was just the start of this journey. My father joined PCA in November of 1956. Dad started and grew many PCA Regions. A prize possession of mine is the concours trophy Dad won when I was 6 months old. He discovered diapers are great detailer tools. So I got the trophy.

My first Porsche was a 75 911 2.7 wide body. It was a bit of a “Frankenstein” with no OEM VIN number. I learnt a lot to say the least. A Cayman became the fun car and track car where instructor credentials were earned. Toss in some other cool cars along the way, all a unique experience, The current stable is now 2 ½ Porsches; a 996 that started as a bit of a project is my current daily driver. My wife is a true supporter of my passion just happens to have found a Macan in the driveway with her name on it. (She says I can borrow it). The ½ is a 1998 Porsche Bike FS.

These are in the company of motorcycles and even a Russian motorcycle sidecar that my dog just loves.

With much encouragement and guidance from Collin, I have stepped into the position and hope to fill those shoes well. Collin, thank you for your past years of service as a zone rep. And in the most recent past all of your help, information and insight on the role learning how to best serve zone 7 Regions and members to the best of my abilities.

I look forward to working with all 10 of our zone’s presidents, their team, and getting to know them and each and every one of you, learning all the different stories of who we are what brings us here, what our passions are with a common ground of the brand and maximizing that experience with everything that PCA has to offer.

2023 looks to be shaping up to a full schedule of things to do.

I see updates already from PCA West Coast Race Series, Zone 7 Autocross, Zone 7 Concours, Werks & carweek, Rennsport Reunion, Parade in our back yard (Palm Springs) & MORE.

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Brian Adkins
Zone 7 Representative
Diablo Region