Zone 7 Awards

Recognizing and Celebrating our Members

Every year we hold an Awards Banquet to recognize winners from the Zone Concours, Autocross, and Rallye competition series. This event, which is held at the end of the season recent years, is a fun way to recognize those people who support all of the regions in Zone 7, and who make the zone so successful.

We also have several non-competitive awards:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Enthusiast of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Wall of Fame

2016 Awards

  • Enthusiast of the Year: Tosh Yumae
  • Men’s AX Pax: Andrew Blyholder
  • Women’s AX Pax: Anita Benzing
  • Carol Kleindienst Memorial Award: Phil Snowden
  • Dick Cottrel “Spirit of Concours”: Phil Snowden
  • Rookie of the Year, Concours: Simone & Thurston Kopitzki
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Rik Larson
  • 2016 Wall of Fame Inductee: Kim Nelson
  • Event of the Year: CRAB 2016

2015 Awards

  • Enthusiast of the Year: Vern & Howard Thomas
  • Men’s AX Pax: Montie Pack
  • Women’s AX Pax: Vern Thomas
  • Carol Kleindienst Memorial Award: Jim McMahen
  • Dick Cottrel “Spirit of Concours”: Katherine Enos
  • Rookie of the Year, Concours: John & Honore D’Angelo

2014 Awards

  • Men’s AX Pax: Mike Koozmen
  • Women’s Ax Pax: Lavergne Thomas
  • Carol Kleindienst Award: Jim McMahon
  • Enthusiast of the year: Les Schreiber
  • 2014 Wall of Fame inductees:
    • Larry Adams
    • David Bunch

2013 Awards

  • Men’s Autocross Pax: Terry Zaccone
  • Women’s AX Pax: Lavergne Thomas
  • Dick Cottrel “Spirit of the Concours” Award: Jim McMahon
  • Carol Kleindienst Memorial Award: George Grialou
  • Enthusiast of the Year: Larry & K. C. Sharp
  • Tenacity Award: Anita Benzing

2011 Awards

  • Event of the Year: Golden Gate Region Carlsen Concours
  • Enthusiast of the Year: Bob Schoenherr & Annita Benzing
  • Tenacity Award: Scott Lines
  • Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award: Paul Czopek
  • Autocross PAX Winner: Terry Zaccone
  • Autocross Ladies PAX Winner: Lisa Thomas
  • Rookie of the Year Concours: Les Schreiber
  • Concours High Score: Bob Schoenherr

2010 Awards

  • Event of the Year: Sequoia Region and Zone 7 Autocross and Octoberfest
  • Enthusiast of the Year: Mark Gersh
  • Wall of Fame Inductees: Tim Fleming
  • Tenacity Award: Craig Kugler
  • Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award: Bob Schoenherr
  • Autocross PAX Winner: Terry Zaccone
  • Autocross Ladies PAX Winner: Sharon Neidel
  • Rookie of the year Autocross: Scott Lines
  • Rookie of the Year Concours: Bob Schoenherr
  • Concours High Score: Gersh Family

2009 Awards

  • Event of the Year: Montery Historics
  • Enthusiast of the Year: Rik Larsen
  • Wall of Fame Inductees: Larry Sharp, Tom Sisson
  • Tenacity Award: La Vergne Thomas
  • Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award: Andy Tzelepis
  • Autocross PAX Winner: Larry Sharp
  • Autocross Ladies PAX Winner: Lisa Thomas
  • High Score Concours: The Gersh Family

2008 Awards

  • Event of the Year: Redwood Zone AX weekend (Yosemite)
  • Enthusiast of the Year: Paul Czopek (Yosemite)
  • Wall of Fame Inductees: Dean Watts (Sierra Nevada), Harvey Weidman (Shasta)
  • Tenacity Award: Ken Jones (Golden Gate/Diablo)
  • Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award: The Gersh’s (Golden Gate)
  • Autocross PAX Winner: Terry Zaccone (Golden Gate)
  • Zone 7 Lifetime Achievement Award: Gene Gilpin (Sequoia)

2007 Awards

  • Event of the Year: Mendocino Tour (Sacramento Valley Region)
  • Enthusiast of the Year: Mark Gersh (Golden Gate)
  • Wall of Fame Inductee: Paul Christensen (Sierra Nevada Region)
  • Tenacity Award: Terry Zaccone (Golden Gate Region)
  • Autocross PAX Winner: Larry Sharp (Golden Gate)
  • Zone 7 Lifetime Achievement Award: Terry Zaccone (Golden Gate Region)

2006 Awards

  • Event of the Year: Silver State Concours (Sierra Nevada Region)
  • Enthusiast of the Year: Louise Sousoures
  • Tenacity Award: Brad Zucroff
  • Wall of Fame Inductee: Mike “Chili” Willis
  • Autocross PAX Winner: Larry Sharp
  • Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award: Rich Wyett (Siera Nevada)

Autocross Pax Awards

  • 2001 Jim Hayes
  • 2002 Jim Hayes
  • 2003 Tracey Morris
  • 2004 Steve Nieslony
  • 2005 Larry Sharp
  • 2006 Larry Sharp
  • 2007 Larry Sharp
  • 2008 Terry Zaccone (Golden Gate)
  • 2009 Larry Sharp
  • 2009(Ladies) Lisa Thomas
  • 2010 Terry Zaccone
  • 2010(Ladies) Sharon Neidel
  • 2011 Terry Zaccone
  • 2011(Ladies) Lisa Thomas

Rookie of the Year

  • 1984 Don Henkel
  • 1985 Roger Fetterman
  • 1986 Kevin Gilpin and Kurt Pressler
  • 1987 Tom Obot
  • 1988 Ken Mitchell and Marcella Mitchell
  • 1989 Jesse Rhodes
  • 1990 Sally Brown
  • 1991 Peter Cook
  • 1992 Tim Pendall
  • 1993 Susan Shead
  • 1994 Sue Hayes
  • 1995 Louise Sousoures
  • 1996 Bill Winkler
  • 1997 Dan Jones
  • 1998 Rita Chamberlain
  • 1999 Bill Thorp
  • 2000 Wayne Begg
  • 2001 Ken Jones
  • 2002 Ken Short
  • 2003 Doris Pickering (Golden Gate)
  • 2004 Joy Sease
  • 2005 Laura Mercier (Golden Gate)
  • 2006 Mark Gersh (Golden Gate)
  • 2008 Joe Lee (Golden Gate)
  • 2010(Autocross) Scott Lines
  • 2010(Concours) Bob Schoenherr
  • 2011(Concours) Les Schreiber

Enthusiast of the Year

The Enthusiast of the Year is awarded to an individual who, through participation in PCA and Zone 7, show a love for the marquee and zeal for the club. Some would call these individuals “crazies”. In particular, we look for a strong supporter of the Zone activities, and through whose interest inspires other to participate as well. Enthusiasts are the lifeblood of our organization; without them we would not have the high quality events we often taken for granted.

  • 2003 Larry Adams (Golden Gate)
  • 2004 Kurt Fischer (Redwood)
  • 2005 Ted French
  • 2006 Louise Sousoures (Golden Gate)
  • 2007 Mark Gersh (Golden Gate)
  • 2008 Paul Czopek (Yosemite)
  • 2009 Rik Larsen
  • 2010 Mark Gersh
  • 2011 Bob Schoenherr & Annita Benzing

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award The Lifetime Achievement Award was instituted in 2000. It is not an award that will be given every year and is intended to be awarded to truly special people. The criteria considered when awarding the lifetime achievement award are a demonstrated lifetime commitment to the marquee and the club, long time service to PCA-Zone 7 and its regions, demonstrated achievement in PCA activities, and distinguishing oneself at PCA-National level through service and achievements. It is our way of recognizing PCA members who have been active at the region and Zone levels, and who have distinguished themselves on a National scale. Recipients of this most prestigious award are:

  • Brian Carleton
  • John Clever
  • Gene Gilpin
  • Dwight Mitchell
  • Bud & Mary Ann Behrens
  • Terry Zaccone
  • Rik Larson

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame In January 2003, the Zone 7 Presidents approved a new award to recognize those members of PCA Zone 7 who have made a significant, lasting contribution to PCA and/or the Porsche community at large, through active participation in social, technical, or competitive events. This special award will be known as the “Zone 7 Wall of Fame”. This “wall of fame” is intended to honor those individuals showing a long-time passion towards the marque, displaying that passion and distinguishing themselves in some visible manner for a significant time. Although PCA and Zone 7 membership is a requirement of this award, the activities demonstrated by the recipients can be outside of PCA (i.e. racing in recognized competition series, etc.). This award is our way of recognizing PCA members that have distinguished themselves in the “outside world”. The recipients also should have demonstrated a recognition and appreciation for PCA and its fundamental philosophy “it’s not just the cars, it’s the people”.

The Wall of Fame will consist of a perpetual plaque maintained by the Zone Representative as well as an appropriate personalized plaque bearing the Zone 7 logo for each awardee.

Consideration for membership “on the Wall” will require nomination from a Zone 7 member in good standing. Nominations must be forwarded to the Zone 7 Representative no later than November 1 of each year, and should include the nominee’s name as well as a brief history chronicling his or her involvement in Zone 7 or member regions, as well as his/her contributions to PCA and the Porsche community at large. The region presidents will consider all nominations. Awardees will be announced and presented by the nominating member at the annual awards banquet.

  • 2003 Inductees
    • Bruce Anderson
    • Rik Larson
    • Tom Provasi
    • Bud and Mary Ann Behrens
    • Hank Malter
    • Bruce and Hillary Robertson
    • Brian Carleton
    • Dwight Mitchell
    • Duane Spencer
    • John Clever
    • Milt Minter
    • Hank Watts
    • Bob Garretson
    • George Neidel & Family
    • Larry Wilson
    • Gene Gilpin
    • Burt Propp
    • Terry Zaccone
  • 2004 Inductees
    • Gene Babow
    • Tony Mazlowski
    • Mike Lommatzsch
    • Jim Pasha J Toney
  • 2005 Inductee
    • Jerry Woods
  • 2006 Inductee
    • Mike “Chili” Willis
  • 2007 Inductee
    • Paul Christensen
  • 2008 Inductees
    • Dean Watts
    • Harvey Weidman
  • 2009 Inductees
    • Larry Sharp
    • Tom Sisson
  • 2010 Inductee
    • Tim Fleming
  • 2014 Inductee
    • Larry Adams
    • David Bunch
  • 2016 Inductee
    • Kim Nelson