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Concours Series Winners 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Concours Winner 2016

1st Place      WS-4 Jim McMahen
2nd Place     WS-5 Simone & Thorsten Kopitzki
1st Place      WS-5 John & Honore D’Angelo
1st Place      WS-7 James Gatewood
1st Place      S-1 Kathryn Enos
1st Place      S-3 James Buckner
1st Place      S-4 Ed Gervasoni
1st Place      S-5 Phil Snowden
2nd Place     S-5 Steve Lefczick
1st Place      R-1 Jack &Joyce Bean
1st Place      C-1 Bill Disser
1st Place      CS-1 Mark & Kim Mathis
1st Place      UR-4 Mike Burns
1st Place      UR-9 David Carlisle

Carol Kliendeinst Memorial Trophy

Phil Snowden

Rookie of the Year

Simone & Thurston Kopitzki

Dick Cottrell “Spirit of the Concours”

Phil Snowden