New Concours Rules for 2017

All Zone 7 Concours Series events are conducted under the same set of rules.  Those entries that participate in over half of the events in the series, and who assist with the running of individual events (defined in the rules), are eligible for Series Awards.

There are a handful of changes and clarifications included in the 2017 Zone Series Rules Update, so even veterans of the Zone 7 Concours Series should read the entire set of series rules.  A copy will be on hand for reference at every event.

2017 Version of Concours Rules

Notable changes include:

  • Guidance for consistent judging start time of 10:30
  • Scoring system changed from full point deductions to tenth-point deductions
  • Boxsters, Cayman and 991s are again eligible for Street and Full Categories, but must remove their engine covers (and fans for 991s) prior to the beginning of the “light dusting period”
  • Once the “light dusting period” has been announced, participants cannot continue to prep their car (this has always been the rule, but we’ll be reminding participants of the rule)

Master scoresheets and entry forms (updated for 2017) can be found here: