About Zone 7

Zone 7 consists of ten regions across Northern California and Northern Nevada. Zone 7 is a geographically diverse zone spanning from the beautiful northern California coast and coast ranges; across the bountiful Sacramento and part of the San Joaquin valleys; over the towering Sierra Nevada mountain range; and to the vast stretches of North Great Basin.

Learn about the individual regions.

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Zone 7 Objectives

  • The purpose of the Zones is to provide Region representation to PCA-National, to convey regional interests and guide National in the Club’s priorities from the local levels
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Zone 7 Representative

  • Sandy Provasi – add brief bio
  • Former Zone 7 representatives (optional)
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Sponsored Zone 7 events

  • Zone 7 Autocross Series
  • Zone 7 Concours Series
  • Special zone events such as the Trip-Region tour
  • Annual Awards Banquet

Serves as host to many PCA and Porsche events held within the Zone

  • Rennsports
  • Werks
  • Porsche Parade (cite years)
  • Monterey Historics
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